Caroline White (CRB)

A professional, practising artist for over 30 years, Caroline White started out as an art student at St Martins School of art in 1969, becoming a lecturer in Sculpture at Bristol from 1974 until 1990. Her career as an artist was well established in England, which she left in 1990 to live in South-West France.

Her work is in many public and private collections, notably in England, the USA, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Japan.

Sixteen years of “rural isolation” away from the humdrum of city life and culture have enabled her to develop in a unique and completely original way.

The threads throughout remain the same. The journey is interpreted through the use of geometry and light. Her bronzes have an immensely powerful presence, retaining the complexity and density of the former figurative work so strongly based in Romanesque architecture. The recent pieces, created over the last six years, are a continuing discovery of bronze and its possibilities as a material, its inherent light and strength enabling her to create some remarkable mobile pieces which often remind one of Astrolabes and Instruments of Navigation.

Her three-dimensional research is now entirely abstract, nourished and “controlled” by drawing and painting, which remain figurative interpretations of principally landscape or architectural subjects. The  current work is  more and more about the vibrations of combinations of numbers and colour, a reflection on the material, (bronze, paper, watercolour etc). Often the circle and square are the constant and ever changing images.