Caroline White (CRB)
Ecrits de Christian GAUSSEN - Décembre 1990

Picasso’s  famous phrase « I do not seek, I find » perfectly illustrates a state of being which is to animate every movement in twentieth century art. A prodigious confusion of style and type,  combined with the  nearly annual birth of  new tendencies,  which characterises a situation where energy and its expense define our civilisation.

The progressive slide of northern culture towards the Mediterranean constitutes one of the reasons for the acceleration of exchanges at the end of this last century, quite in order, after a period entirely given over to anglo- saxon culture.

Caroline White’s work without doubt formalises this appearance, which is both sociological and artistic, facing head on cliché and received ideas so reclaimed by the “neo” avant -gardists. Her sources of inspiration are of an evident simplicity, with an underlying anti-conformity and radicalism for which it is too soon to measure the implications.

If one accepts to let one’s regard rest on the light that she reveals for example : the contra-jour of Romanesque Architecture, Cistercian abbeys, modulations of light on a tuscan landscape or the chromatic variations of Siena, one discovers an infinity of definitions of space which use the unbroken continuity of  light, transforming them into sculpture or painting.

Caroline White cites Piero della Francesca and Kurt Schwitters as among the supreme references which  an artist must possess. Obviously she is aware of the power of these ”shining lights”, who have knocked away so much velleity and naivety, and discouraged so much intelligence and free will! It only remains that nobody possesses the truth that determines or orients a passion... excepting  those who give themselves  to it