The idea of the box is to protects its contents. As always, I work in series from an initial thought, mainly geometric: the circle, the arc, the square and the spiral…. Colour, space and light come in as a support.

 The price ranges are indicated for information only. Please contact the artist for the availability of the pieces. All these works are framed.

Réflexions dans un miroir

  • From 1400 € to 2200 €


  • 600 €

Age d’or – 33

  • This series is no longer available.

Small boxes

  • 300 €

Pensées de l’âme : 11 Watercolours recto-verso

  • 1500 €


Plaster has allowed me to explore and develop from the « imprints ». This material almost always accompanies and helps in the inspiration for the monumental sculptures. Using plaster in this case is rapid, intuitive and at the same time technical because it is necessary to work very quickly in view of the plaster’s fast acting chemical reaction. The « Rêves » (Dreams) came about from the remains left in buckets of plaster when making the matrix for « Light Play » !


  • 500 €

Empreintes de l’âme

  • Small size : 150 € – Medium size : 300 € – Large size : 750 €


  • 350 €


The oils are often painted on gesso, on wood. The rhythm of the work is very different because it requires drying and sanding time. These paintings have multiple layers and hide many hours of work to reach the end result.


“Connection” was the result of a very specific commission from a dutch entrepreneur who as selling his business wanted to offer his 6 associates, and himself a thankyou present for their long and fruitful collaboration. The seven elements had to be linked, It occurred to me to create a set of paintings with the same dimension as the Jacob’s Ladders, and so make 7 pieces using the colours of the Rainbow or the 7 chakras. All 7 were delivered to Germany, one to be given to each of the partners. Today they are scattered throughout the world. It was a fantastic project that I really enjoyed.

Interpretation of the roman mosaïc in the château, St Félix Lauragais

  • 12000 €


  • 2000 €

Du cube à la sphère

  • 350 €


  • From 200 € to 1500 €

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