The journey and the discovery of so many sacred sites has become the basis and underlying source of my artistic development and research since the 1980s. These extraordinary architectural structures, mostly Romanesque and Cistercian, have opened the door to an unimaginable wealth of possibilities…. Cathedrals, cloisters, churches from the Middle Ages and before, mainly in France and Italy. Their powerful structural design is anchored in precise and perfect geometry. The rigour of the proportions and their function, is accompanied by the feeling of contemplation and the palpable presence of a profound and peaceful silence imbued with prayer. The organization of space and light, the beauty of the stones and the potent energy present in these sites is breathtaking.

Saint John’s Devizes – Wiltshire – United Kingdom

Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur – Aix en Provence

Abbaye de Saint-Germain des Prés – Paris

Abbaye du Thoronet – Provence

Collégiale Saint-Martin – Provence


Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Moissac – Occitania – South West France

Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba – Spain

Cathédrale Sainte Marie de Saint Bertrand de Comminges – Occitania – South West France

Abbaye de Bonnefont en Comminges – Occitania – South West France

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