These pieces are created to order, they are made in numbered editions

With these sculptures, I have to consider their future location, the client’s desire and the audience for whom they are intended.

The creative process requires teamwork to end up with the finished piece, ready to patinate. I work principally with the foundry Ilhat near Toulouse. The patina is what brings life and breath to the finished piece. This is my work.  

I am very fortunate to be able to create these monumental sculptures for clients in Switzerland, England and France.


This recent project came about from my clients seeing «Light Play 3» on internet. We were in the middle of the first «Lockdown». During this time they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and decided to offer themselves a special present to mark this occasion, rather than going on a long and far away holiday. They contacted me.

The destination for this sculpture would be on their property in the heart of a wooded clearing called «The Unicorn’s garden».

We decided that a sculpture smaller than «Light Play 3» would be better in this space and that the patina must reflect the colour of the precious ruby, symbolic of this wedding anniversary.

LIGHT PLAY 1 – 2 – 3

The Light Play project begins with a visit from my client. The final destination of the piece to be installed would be in the heart of a residential and commercial complex which was under construction in Zurich.

We decided with the architects to use “Parallel Worlds” as the basis for the sculpture which was to be mobile. For me, it was necessary to bring nature into the sculpture which would be located in the city and far from the sea. The patina reflects the sea, the earth and the sky.

Light Play 2 was then commissioned to be installed in a private park surrounded by magnificent trees, especially bicentennial cedars. The patina draws from the colours of the vegetation that surrounds it.

Light Play 3 is intended to highlight a garden surrounded by a new construction project for flats and a retirement home in Zurich, Switzerland,

ECHELLES DE JACOB – Les 4 saisons

And he dreamed, And behold a ladder set up On the earth, and the top of it Reached to heaven: And behold the angels of god Ascending and descending on it.

The Ladder, Jacob’s Ladder is there for us to climb in our imagination, and down again. They confront us with the wedding of heaven and earth. Each of these dream ladders expresses its own ordered and confident image into a single source of radiance. In wood or bronze, the pop art and seasonal colours combined with the simplicity of the materials belie the extraordinary complexity of the whole.


Each Jacobs Ladder is made up of 7 elements …which is where the idea to patina it in “Arc-en-Ciel” comes from. I have always been fascinated by this natural phenomenon and I am lucky enough to see rainbows quite often, living in the countryside with big open skies. I am always amazed! This sculpture is installed in the same park as Light Play 2. It seems to me that it integrates well into its wooded and flowery environment. My client gave me carte blanche for the patina.


The source of this piece lies in Romanesque and Cistercian architecture, hence its very simple and pure form.

It is an object of meditation and protection. The title implies a confined space from which we can move upwards. Visibly it has strongly influenced the form of the Millenium Gates. The viewer is asked to make his own interpretation. There seem to be references to birds, to trees, also to both male and female human form. You are invited to walk in.


The Millennium Gates were conceived as a celebration of the passage into the 21st century, They symbolize the passage from the past into the future.

Their source is based in the geometry and light found in Romanesque architecture, using the radius of one circle as the basis of their construction. Each element is an intuitive variation on this principle, which gives them their overall unity. We are lead back to roam in an ancient and archaic world where the Gods were manifest in Infinity, We are invited to pass through into the unknown.

They are intentionally spiritual and reflective pieces, encompassing all religions, The circle being common to all. The names “ Le Baladeur” and “ Le Protecteur » come from the feeling emanating from each piece in its final realisation. The viewer is asked to put his own imagination to work. The “Baladeur” stretches out towards the universe, the “ Protecteur” protects under his all encompassing cloak or shield.

To mark the year 2000, the “Baladeur” was exhibited in the 11th century cloister of the Cathédrale Ste Marie at Saint Bertrand de Comminges .


Network 90 was commissioned at the time by the Director of the BBC South and West, John Prescott Thomas to inaugurate the new BBC building in Bristol, England. This low relief sculpture was exhibited there from 1990 to 2003. Internal changes necessitated the search for a new shelter for this monumental 5mx2mx30cm piece. In January 2004, it was inaugurated again in the “Salle des Pas Perdus” of the Conseil Départmental de la Haute-Garonne, in Toulouse.

Network 90 is a bas-relief constructed and painted in multi-layered wood. The interlaced arcs reflect certain aspects of the architecture of the BBC building. The themes involved are light, sound, the natural world and the energy of modern communication networks.

Network 90 is owned by the artist, it is on loan to the Conseil Départmental. It is for sale, subject to certain conditions.

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