Wood is above all a work of research and experimentation.

I consider it to be my playground. For me it inspires geometric constructions. It is also a medium for exploring “rainbow” colour and the progressions of identical elements which have an implied movement brought about by the transformation of the square into curve … Without the experimentation with colour on the wood, I would not have had the trigger to push the patinas on the bronzes. The matrixes for major large works in bronze are built mainly in wood and plaster before they are moulded.

The price ranges are indicated for information only. Please contact the artist for the availability of the pieces.

Belle augure – Wood sculptures

Sculpture bois H 80 cm

  • 1200 €


  • 9000 €

Echelles de Jacob

  • Small Scale : 8000 € – Large scale : 11000 €


  • From 1200 € to 3500 €

Major work in wood

  • Small Tower : 10000 € – Large Tower : 15000€ – For other works, please contact the artist.

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