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While I was working on the creation of this major bronze, it came to me to call it: “Tu es dans mon Coeur”.

This is why :

The project came about from my clients seeing «Light Play 3» on internet.

We were in the middle of the first «Lockdown».

During this time they were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and decided to offer themselves a special present to mark this occasion, rather than going on a long and far away holiday. They contacted me.

The destination for “Tu es dans mon Coeur” is on their property in a wooded clearing called «The Unicorn’s garden».

We decided that it needed a smaller sculpture than Light Play 3 for this space and that the patina should reflect the colour of the precious ruby, associated with this particular wedding anniversary.

This was another great challenge, needing 100% concentration and the work of many hands thanks to the foundry Ilhat, who helped me to cast this symbolic piece. I patinated it during the second lockdown.

Now in 2021 it has found its place in a beautiful garden in England.

Year 2020 – Private commission – Destination: England

“Tu es dans mon coeur”, major work. Patinated Bronze. 250 x 173 x 77 cm.

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