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For the 2018 edition of the Arts Vagabonds en Lauragais, I was selected as the festival’s guest of honour. At the same time we decided to organize an exhibition of bronze and wooden sculptures at Bordeneuve, St Félix Lauragais and the Musée du Bois in Revel throughout the summer of 2018.

“Echo yourself

A mirror that has its root in nature, its architecture and its inherent and constantly present geometry. This is a trampoline that provides a rigorous and safe structure from which to jump into an infinity of worlds.

An inspiration that comes from distant memories, from its waves and murmurings.

Worlds of colour, light and shadow, whose shapes and rhythms are revealed within essential geometric shapes. The square / cube, the circle / sphere and the spiral / vortex which suggest an infinite expansion inward and outward at the same time or out of time …

Just change a single element, a single movement or a single colour and everything changes.

Sometimes silent, sometimes playful, sometimes shrieking, dancing, whirling… always different!

My “artistic” practice is solitary. It allows my mind, at times, to take flight and open up. From there, I have the impression that the piece creates itself.

A precise transient moment, like a rainbow. It is then that I realize that it has found its own form and being.”

Article de presse du magazine Hédoniste

Présentation au Festival Arts Vagabonds

From 30th of June to 30th of September 2018 – Bordeneuve – 31540 Saint Félix Lauragais.

Opening on Friday June 29, 2018 at 6 p.m. at Bordeneuve 31540 Saint Félix Lauragais

In partenrship with Mairie de Saint Félix Lauragais, le Musée du Bois de Revel et l’Association Arts Vagabonds

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