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Caroline White: guest of honour at the Arts Vagabonds en Lauragais festival in 2018.

The Arts Vagabonds en Lauragais festival has selected Caroline White as guest of honor for the 2018 edition

Since 2011 the association has been organized by a team of volunteers. It wishes to promote art in the Lauragais region. In 2018, around fifty artists were selected to exhibit and show their work to the general public. The Artists come from all walks of life and from all regions. The association attaches great importance to the discovery of artists from its own territory and more generally from the region.

All types of work are represented: drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture, engraving, photography,….

For this 2018 edition, the 29 venues chosen in the Lauragais, located in 8 municipalities (Les Cammazes, Sorèze, Revel, St Ferréol, Roumens, St Félix Lauragais, St Julia, Cahuzac) are delighted to welcome the interested and curious “vagabonder” throughout the week-end.

The venues which exhibit the artists, are not usually open to the public. Indeed, the association endeavours to offer unusual places such as gardens, artist’s workshops, “chambres d’hôtes”….

Naturally, the “beacons” of the territory are partners in the operation. These are places of historical renown such as the Château de St Félix Lauragais, l’Abbaye Ecole de Sorèze, the Temple in Revel, l’église des Cammazes….

For every edition of Arts Vagabonds the “Florilège” is held in the heart of the Château in St Félix, in which one work by each artist is exhibited.

Every “artistic vagabonder” can thus organize their route according to the time they have and their artistic predilections.

For this edition of the Arts Vagabonds festival 2018 , Caroline White was the guest of honour.

September 7, 8 and 9, 2018 – Saint Félix Lauragais, Revel, St Ferréol, St Julia, Roumens, Les Cammazes, Sorèze, Cahuzac

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