You are currently viewing “RETROUVAILLES” : exhibition of bronze sculpture

This exhibition of patinated bronze sculpture, “Retrouvailles” was organized at the initiative of the Association Adtp Passion Saint Félix.

It is about celebrating “Meeting up again” with the public and friends, following the first confinement.

In addition to the sculpture,it is an opportunity for Caroline White to show her reinterpretation of the “Roman mosaic” that originally existed in the Château de Saint Félix Lauragais. Today, this interpretation finds its place in the heart of the château, in another form.

This exhibition “Retrouvailles” presents principally a part of Caroline White’s collection of patinated bronze sculptures “Les Danses”.

These patinated bronzes are mounted on rotating wooden bases.This allows a number of interpretations depending on the position chosen. In addition, and depending on the existing light in the space, a play of shadows creates another dimension. Combined with this, the colours of the patinas also reveal themselves in different ways.

You can read the l’article de presse de la Dépêche about the “Retrouvailles” exhibition. It is reserved for daily subscribers. However, “non-subscribers” can also read it in full in the photo gallery below.

Juillet 2020 – Château de Saint Félix Lauragais (31250).

Retrouvailles” – Selection of “Danses” – bronze patinated sculptures and the interpretation of the roman mosaïc